2014 Heritage Home Awards

In 2014, Alhambra Preservation Group honored the following three Alhambra residences with Heritage Home Awards:

515.Westboro.FINAL.1The Iverson Home

1925 Pueblo Revival

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $2,940

The Iverson home is a 1925 Pueblo Revival house located in Emery Park and features a smooth stucco exterior finish, painted in subtle earth tones; minimal ornamentation; a flat roof with no overhang and terra cotta tile capping the parapet. A restrained arch over the dining room window is echoed in the front porch entry. The home was purchased by its current owners in 2005 and where possible, they have preserved value historical features and materials.


3127.Poplar.FINAL.ColorThe Britton Home

1927 Spanish Colonial Revival

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $2,520

The Britton home is a 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival house located in Emery Park. This home features a style that was at the peak of its popularity during the 1920’s in Southern California. Many of the character-defining details of Spanish Colonial style are present in this home’s design: the low horizontal massing; the prominent arched window centered in the front-facing gable, which is framed at the base by decorative ironwork trim, and at the top by a canvas awning; the tall casement windows in the front of the house that provide access from the dining room to the front courtyard; the stuccoed exterior walls and the low-pitched gable and shed roofs clad in terra cotta tiles. The current owners purchased the home in mid-2011.


901.Bushnell.darkThe Shuttleworth Home

Katherine Hildreth Memorial Award Recipient

1906 Victorian Transitional Bungalow

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $1,350

The Shuttleworth home was clearly designed as a Craftsman bungalow, but it also reflects elements of the earlier Victorian style in its window treatments and especially its interior details. The Craftsman style is characterized here by the rustic texture of building materials, including shingles and redwood siding; a low-pitched roof, comprised of both hips and gables; exposed rafter tails at the eaves; and a covered front porch supported by substantial posts. There are two large bay windows present – one in the front parlor, and another in the dining room. Most of the original double-hung windows in the home are still intact, and they all share the same diamond pattern in the upper section that you can see here in the transom over the front picture window.

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