2013 Heritage Home Awards

In 2013, Alhambra Preservation Group honored four homes with a Heritage Home Award. They included the following homes:

212SElMolino.currentThe Cooper Home

1926 Spanish Colonial Revival

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $8,840

The Cooper home is a classic example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style that was so popular in the 1920s. A large two-story stucco residence, with terra cotta tile roof, clay vent pipes at the front gable, decorative wooden shutters flanking double-hung windows on the second story, and two balconies – one with decorative ironwork, and the second featuring a shed roof with wooden balustrade. This home was recognized because of the extraordinary care that has been demonstrated in preserving this local landmark.


Watsonhome.currentThe Watson Home

1912 Swiss Chalet Styled Craftsman Bungalow

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $1,600

The Watson home features two front-facing low-pitched gables and the influence of the Swiss Chalet style can be seen in the arrow-patterned gable vents.  The wraparound porch is offset to the north, supported by columns, and is enclosed by a distinctive stickwork railing.  Two broad fixed windows flank the front door, with its leaded glass window. This home’s owner was recognized for her investment in the preservation of Alhambra’s architectural history.


3111Glenridge.currentThe Bezzant Home

1960 Mid-Century Modern

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $9,030

The Bezzant home features a linear orientation of post-and-beam architecture.  The floor to ceiling windows are set in groupings of three, with louvered transom windows above and the wide eaves and exposed rafters are an echo of the Craftsman style. The paired burnt orange entry doors at the entry, the minimalist typeface for the house numbers and the simple globe light fixtures set at varying heights are typical of the period. This home’s owner was recognized because of his careful stewardship of this historic home.


417NCampbellThe Peterson Home

Katherine Hildreth Memorial Award Recipient

1932 Spanish Colonial Revival

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $2,280

The Peterson home retains much of its distinctive historic character and many of its original features — its Spanish arches, hardwood floors and hand-troweled plaster walls. It now showcases an updated  landscape plan, featuring a profusion of succulents and California desert plants. This home’s owners were honored because it is an excellent example of the way historic preservation can pay big dividends to communities by enhancing property values and restoring neighborhood character and pride.

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