2012 Heritage Home Awards

In 2012, Alhambra Preservation Group honored the following homes with a Heritage Home Award:

1149.S.4thThe Ellis Home

Katherine Hildreth Memorial Award

1930 English Tudor Revival

Property’s Assessed Value in 1930: $3,020

The Ellis home was one of the first homes built in the Mayfair Tract and served as the model home when this area was being developed. Its arched north-facing picture window would have had an unobstructed view of the foothills in the 1930s. Other character-defining features include the steeply-pitched gable roof that sweeps gracefully downward at the southeast corner to frame an entry to the side yard, tall casement windows, a brick chimney and the use of artfully-spaced “clinker bricks”. This home was featured on the 2013 Magical History Tour.


301.Story.PlaceThe Butler Home

1935 Colonial Revival

Property’s Assessed Value in 1935: $2,390

This home was built for Mary Butler, the daughter and only child of Earl R. and Ina A. Preston.  The home was built as a wedding gift for Mary and her husband, Hubert.  The current owners purchased the home from the Butler family in 1997. Upon the purchase of the home, the current owners learned of a time capsule in the basement, placed there by the original owners. It remains there, undisturbed.


Hidalgo.St The Hutchins Home

1910 Prairie Styled Arts and Crafts

Property’s Assessed Value in 1917: $2,200

The current owners of this Prairie Styled Arts and Crafts home have done everything they can think of to maintain its original character.  They added a balcony in the back of the house that matches the balcony in the front, and added on to the garage – using the same style and character-defining details as the original home.


Hellman.2The Roth Home

1932 Spanish Colonial Revival

Property’s Assessed Value in 1932: $3,000

The lot that this Spanish Colonial Revival home sits on was once part of the Midwick Country club, which was once referred to as the “Grandaddy” of all Los Angeles area country clubs. A regulation polo field was erected along Hellman Avenue, adjacent to this home’s location. The same year this home was built, the Summer Olympics staged several of its equestrian events here.



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