2011 Heritage Home Awards

In 2011, Alhambra Preservation Group presented Heritage Home Awards to the owners of following Alhambra homes:

Arts & Crafts HomeThe Sturges Home

1909 Arts and Crafts

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $1,700

David and Mary Sturges hired Smith-Weaver Construction in 1909 to build this large and impressive home for their family and servants.  David was employed as an accountant for a local manufacturing company and also enrolled in an engineering program at Throop Institute of Technology in Pasadena (later known as Caltech). In the 102 years since the home was built, five families have lived here.  The current owners bought this house in 1978, and over the years they have engaged in extensive and painstaking restoration, involving nearly every part of the house. This home was featured on the 2011 Historic Home Tour.


Marriett HomeThe Marriett Home

1927 Tudor Revival

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $5,740

Harold Marriett was a purchasing agent for the Standard Felt Company when he met his second wife, Georgia, a stenographer for the same company.  They married in 1925 and chose this location on North Almansor to build their new home because it was just a few lots north of her younger sister Madelyne’s residence. The identity of this home’s architect is a mystery, but we know that the builder was Arthur A. Tennyson of Alhambra.  Tennyson was born in Yorkshire, England, and immigrated to this country in 1881 with his parents and siblings.  He was a master builder – of ships as well as houses. The Tudor Revival became very popular residential style in the post-World War I building boom, and this popularity continued throughout the Depression years.  These houses generally incorporate such elements as steeply pitched roofs, front-facing gables, ornamental half-timbering, prominent brick chimneys, and tall mullioned casement windows, sometimes featuring a flattened Tudor arch.  We see all of these features in the home built for the Marrietts.  Clearly, this home was designed to impress.


The Reid HomeThe Reid Home

1911 Arts and Crafts

Home’s Original Assessed Value: $5,800

The first owners of this home were James and Abbie Reid, who lived here with their two daughters, Ruth and Irma.  James Reid was a Los Angeles banker and fruit grower, affiliated with both the Southern California Savings Bank and the Germain Fruit Company.  A prominent member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Reid helped to organize the Semi-Tropic Fruit Exchange in 1893 – a growers’ cooperative that later became known for its Sunkist brand.  He later served as its corporate secretary and general manager. In 2009 the current owners began a major restoration of the home that included the replacement of the entire roof and the home’s original support beams, the removal and reinstallation of the home’s exterior shingles and the remodel of the kitchen, butlers pantry and adjoining bathroom. This home was featured on the 2013 Magical History Tour.


The Guardia ApartmentsThe Guardia Apartments

1937 Spanish Garden

Property’s Original Assessed Value: $3,290

In November of 1937, the original owners, Atilio and Viola Guardia hired an Alhambra contractor, Lindsia Elkanah Dowell (known as “Caney”) to draw up plans for a four-unit garden apartment complex.  Work began in December on two L-shaped duplexes, each with one bedroom and one bath.  The apartments were designed in the Spanish style, with terra cotta tile roofs, fireplaces, and casement windows framed by decorative wood shutters.  These are small apartments with separate entrances, each no more than about 600 square feet, but nicely appointed with interior features to match the architecture. The current owners purchased the apartments in 1983.  Their conscientious maintenance program has included restoration of the original wood casement windows, and extensive mitigation of termite damage and dry rot throughout the complex.




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