Kellogg Home – Present Day

The home features a gable roof, bisected at the front elevation by a long dormer section with three pairs of windows and shutters.  Originally, there were three window boxes at the second story, which have since been removed.  The roof sweeps down gracefully to a set of four large Tuscan columns, forming a covered porch or veranda, which still features its original trellis work.  The formal front entry is framed by grooved pilasters and two fixed sidelights, with a large and decorative fanlight at the transom.  Two sets of french doors provide entry to the living room and formal dining room.

Remarkably, when purchased by its current owners in 1996, this home had been owned by only two other families in more than 70 years.  As buyers, the couple was attracted to the home’s many desirable features – among them, a nostalgic favorite, the “solar clothes dryer” (clothesline), still located behind the garage and still in frequent use! The present occupants have made very few architectural changes, the exception being a 1997 kitchen modernization which enabled the relocation of the refrigerator to the kitchen from its awkward placement on the adjacent service porch.  When the old linoleum was removed in this room, the owners were pleased to find pristine oak flooring beneath.

This home was featured on Alhambra Preservation Group’s 2009 Historic Home Tour.

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