Advocacy & Action Committee

The Advocacy and Action Committee strives to promote Alhambra Preservation Group’s mission with the following responsibilities:

  • Regularly review the agendas and staff reports of upcoming Alhambra meetings
  • Attend City Council and City of Alhambra meetings, including the Design Review Board, Planning Commission, City of Alhambra bi-annual Strategic Planning sessions)
  • Call APG members and Alhambrans to action when historic resources are endangered
  • Conduct research into endangered properties including their architectural and historical significance

The properties currently on APG’s endangered watch list include:

1215-1237 East Main Street

A mid-century modern medical building and adjacent two-story Colonial Revival home. Both properties have been vacant and in a state of disrepair for years.

The current owner/developer is proposing the razing of these two buildings and the building of a single-story medical office. For more information on the status of these properties, visit APG’s blog.



403 South Garfield Avenue

Built in 1883, this Queen Anne Victorian mansion has been a tri-plex for decades and has had multiple owners. The property is currently for sale and is zoned for commercial use.

This home is one of only several remaining Victorian homes in Alhambra. Additional Victorian homes can be found across Garfield Avenue on East Beacon Street.



If you would like to help with Alhambra Preservation Group’s advocacy and awareness-building efforts, to help ensure Alhambra’s historical, architectural and cultural resources are identified, protected and celebrated, please consider becoming a member of the Advocacy and Action Committee by calling us at (626) 755-3467 or e-mailing us at

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